On 29 this month, first piebald Carnival terminal in Puerto Plata

Carnival says 600 000 cruise passengers arrive in 4 years

Represents an investment of U.S. $ 65 million

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5 marzo, 2012 Por Javier Noguera Deja un comentario

Minister of Tourism of the Dominican Republic, Francisco Javier García Fernández, gavethe exclusive news that on 29 March, will be giving the first piebald Maimon cruise portthat will serve to Puerto Plata receives thousands of cruise passengers Carnival will bringthe company in its cruise ships.

The words of Minister Garcia offered them exclusively for arecoa.com activity during the delivery of the keys to the home of the famous Spanish tennis player Rafael Nadal in the resort of Playa Nueva Romana.

As for the cruise port terminal, which will be the most modern of all the Caribbean, the company told us that Carnival will be taking the first piebald on 29 March in the area of ​​Maimon, which undoubtedly will be giving a major contribution to the Puerto Plata.

Garcia added that the best time to cruise to Puerto Plata lived through the port reached174 thousand cruise Carnival and in this case, estimates that in the first year 254 000cruise passengers arrive and the first four years 600 000.

Therefore predicts that in the coming years what awaits Puerto Plata and the north is a time of splendor development and also tourism in the Dominican Republic is tourism thatis growing and strengthening and that is experiencing extraordinary numbers thereforeconsiders that activities such as this, in which figures were tied and Nadal among others,makes the country an attractive to other international figures come to invest so that couldbe an appeal of a world class tourism .

Garcia tells us that the ministry was plotted as a goal the recovery of Puerto Plata and indicates that this is already seeing, the second goal was to bring the cruise to PuertoPlata and was achieved after 23 years since the last time a cruise ship arrived in this zone. For this, we sponsored an activity with the Association of Caribbean Cruise in the country, and this activity came the initiative of the investment of U.S. $ 65 million fromCarnival to build the cruise terminal, so as the government is giving all necessary support.

Another good news given by the Minister Garcia was the announcement that soon will be starting the construction of the Puerto Plata-Navarrete portfolio, which will add further progress in the area and contribute to a better tourist circuit in the Dominican Republic.

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