Two employees of IHG Dominican Olympic torchbearers

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21 junio, 2012 Deja un comentario

The hotel chain Intercontinenal Hotels Group (IHG) is one of the sponsors of the 2012 London Olympics and based on their participation, made ​​an internal announcement to apply for their employees as bearers of the Olympic torch on its way from Greece to lighting of the cauldron of the Olympic flame in the capital London.

The call was made ​​that the hotels that comprise the IHG family, send a story to life for employees postulates. This history as a reference because these people are postulated on the basis of any social or spirit of solidarity or a reason related, even serving as inspiration to others.

Thus, from Santo Domingo postulated to Venus Balbuena, manager of public relations and Juan Valdez, supervisor of the InterContinental V Centenario restaurants in the Dominican capital.

In the end, have proven to be the only employees of the Latin American IHG chain to be appointed to carry the Olympic torch on its way to London with other employees of America and the world of the hotel chain.

In the case of Venus Balbuena, their selection was based on the exceptional work developed in the creation of entitlement programs. From the January 12, 2010 immediately after the tragedy of Haiti, the earthquake that devastated much of the country, Balbuena began working to implement a support program for children in this impoverished nation, with the execution of a donation of $ 1.00 per person / per stay in the properties of the chain in Santo Domingo, whereas pernotaban guests at the Intercontinental V Centenario and / or Holliday Inn working with this wonderful initiative and so the program raised more than U.S$ 13,000.00 for the earthquake victims.

These funds provide all meals for a month at the orphanage that houses over 400 children. Balbuena personally moved toHaiti, traveling more than 12 hours on the road to deliver the funds raised.

Haiti was living in the chaos and looting massive earthquake and subsequent to this was not an obstacle for Balbuena, who was determined to give the donation, was interposed for their mission and no matter the consequences.

She has demonstrated its unwavering commitment, dedication, passion and love for the welfare of the less fortunate among other social activities that are committed daily in the hotels of the IHG.

In the case of Juan Valdez, the story goes back to the date you began working in the InterContiental V Centenario Santo Domingo as a banquet waiter in 1996, now serves as Supervisor of Restaurant.

During these 15 years he worked around the clock,Valdezhas won several times employee of the month, the award “wining ways”, Employee of the Year and the popularity of being all coworkers. Its high level of service ensures that customers speak out satisfactorily for his work and his work.

But behind the professional history of Juan Valdez, we find a truly inspiring story, the father of 6 children, his older brother was diagnosed with a brain parasite that caused his death, in his deathbed, asked his brother John to take care of their 6 children, and John promised.

Juan Valdez, took home, the six sons of his brother, adding to the six he has to total 12. All have been raised according to the values ​​and morals of the family. Juan Valdez has lived many years of sacrifices, and had to work the works of the hotel among other tasks, however, their children are now college students and are very proud of his father and the legacy he has left.

For this reason, Juan Valdez was nominated to carry the Olympic torch at the Games in 2012.

They travel on Saturday to the English capital and have it represent the pride of human values​​, humility and solidarity that is capable human being.


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